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7-Piece .40 Caliber Handgun Cleaning Kit

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The 7-Piece .40 Caliber Cleaning Kit by TekMat is the perfect addition to your TekMat cleaning mat and your .40 caliber pistol. There is no reason to buy a huge 100+ piece cleaning kit when you only need a few specific tools for cleaning your firearm. That is what TekMat has done. TekMat built their caliber specific cleaning kits to give you the tools you need and not the ones you don’t need. All of the pieces of this .40 caliber cleaning kit fit nicely into a plastic tube which makes it easy to store and carry with you in your range bag. This makes it easy to take the kit with you when you go out shooting and simple to do a quick field strip and cleaning. No one wants to carry a big box of cleaning tools.

The 7-Piece .40 Caliber Cleaning Kit is made for the following TekMat armorer’s mats, but can be used with any .40 caliber pistol.

Right to Bear Arms
Beretta PX4 Storm
Browning® Hi-Power
Confederate and Dixie Flag
Fireman Crest
Gadsden Flag - Don't Tread on Me
Glock® 3D Cutaway Mat
Glock® Gen4
Glock® Gen4 Grey
Heckler & Koch® HK P30
Heckler & Koch® HK USP
Join, or Die
Molon Labe -"Come and Take Them"
Police Support
Sig Sauer® P220®
Sig Sauer® P226®
Sig Sauer® P229®
Sig Sauer® P250®
Sig Sauer® P320®
Sig Sauer® SP2022®
Smith & Wesson® M&P®
Smith & Wesson® M&P® Cutaway Mat
Smith & Wesson® M&P® Shield
Grey Handgun Mat
Old Glory - American Flag
Walther® P99
Walther® PPQ
Springfield Armory® XD®
Springfield Armory® XD(m)®
Springfield Armory® XD® MOD.2™
Springfield Armory® XD-S®
7-Piece .40 Caliber Handgun Cleaning Kit includes:

(1) .40 caliber brass brush
(1) .40 caliber brass jag
(1) Large brass slotted tip for cleaning patches
(1) Nylon utility brush
(1) Brass rod and handle
(1) Plastic bore guide
(1) Plastic carry tube
(1) TekMat nylon carry bag

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