Tactical Pens - Why They're so Awesome

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In today’s society, the ever-growing threat of civil unrest and the need to always be prepared, for whatever the circumstances, has become an unfortunate reality. 

It can be confusing and difficult to put together a small & lightweight (yet highly effective) EDC kit that can serve all of your needs.

Luckily, there’s one type of product that perfectly fits several needs, and all in one compact & easy-to-carry package.   The tactical pen.

What are tactical pens?

Tactical pens have become a revolution in the field of self-defense and everyday carry. They’re designed to be compact, powerful, and functional all in one package. The best part? It can all fit in your pocket.

Tactical pens can vary in their attachments and design drastically among the many different brands. Some of the more advanced tactical pens have flashlights and glass breakers.

Other, more advanced, tactical pens (like the Under Control Tactical pen) include the previously mentioned features, DNA catchers, actual writing functionality, clips (for easy attachment to the holder of the pen’s belt or shirt), and many more features.

The general idea is that the tactical pen is able to pack several very handy and useful features and tools on one small, easy-to-carry package.

tactical pen on a ledge


Are Tactical Pens Legal?

NOTE:  We are not lawyers and are NOT providing legal advice.  You should verify the specific laws and regulations in your local state.

Local and state government regulations vary from location to location, however generally speaking, tactical pens are allowed for carry in the United States and many other major areas. as they are primarily only used for writing, using the flashlight, and/or glass breaking in the case of an emergency.

Pros of Tactical Pens

Tactical pens can, obviously, provide an excellent source of protection from a multitude of threats: whether environmental or against an attacker.

They’re extremely compact and portable which means you can carry it with you always.

They can function as a normal pen, effectively combining an everyday item with a useful one for a great all-in-one package.

They are excellent at blending in with normal pens from the point of view of a random observer on the street. Tactical pens can also be refilled with standard ink cartridges, including the super-popular Fisher Space Pen refill.

Tactical pens can also be used for self defense. For example, the DNA catcher can be used to protect yourself from a, would-be assailant.

tactical pen on a rock

At the end of the day, everyday carry items like the Under Control Tactical Pen or our law enforcement handcuffs are both excellent products to have in your EDC kit and great to give as gifts as well!


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