The Best EDC Knife for your Everyday Carry Kit

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One of the most important items you can choose for your everyday carry kit is a high-quality folding knife.  Under Control Tactical has a huge selection of edc knives to help you find exactly what you're looking for...

How to pick the best EDC knife?
Picking out the knife you will carry every day is a tough decision to make because there's no right or wrong answer. You see, if you ask 100 people about what kind of knife they prefer, you will probably get 80 or more different answers. The best EDC knife is a matter of preference, and that's why it's hard to pick one.

One of our favorites is the Under Control Tactical Carabiner that includes a folding knife, screwdriver and bottle opener, all in one convenient package.

However, there's still a way to pick the EDC knife based on your preferences. We could help you narrow down your options.

In today's article, we will talk about how to determine the best EDC knife for you.

How to Pick the Best EDC Knife
The best EDC knife should be sturdy and versatile enough to do mundane to disastrous tasks. There are many EDC knives that will fit this category, but only a few of them will match your preferences.

So to help you pick the best EDC knife for you, here are some factors that you should consider:

Purpose of Your EDC
The first thing to consider is the purpose of your EDC. Why do you need a knife? What are you going to do with it?

Sure, getting an all-purpose knife is convenient. However, it's better to get the specific knife that will do the tasks that you are expecting. For example, a small serrated blade can help you in specific tasks that a large straight-edge blade can't. Also, let's assume you live on a farm. The best EDC knife for you should be able to open bales of hay or cut thick pieces of rope.

So make sure to figure out why you need a knife first before you start looking for one. Doing this can help in narrowing down your options.

Price and Quality
The best EDC knife often comes with a price. More often than not, expensive EDC knives have better quality--you can assure their longevity.

However, don't completely disregard inexpensive knives. Some of them are also durable and contain impressive components like high-quality ball-bearings and upgraded blade steels.

Opening Mechanism
The ideal EDC knife should have a great opening mechanism. You should be able to open the blade quickly without the uncomfortable feeling in your hand.

There are three types of opening mechanisms:

  • Two-handed opening mechanism - this one requires you to hold the knife with one hand and open it with the other.
  • A one-handed opening blade - this type of knife is operated by a single hand. It usually has a thumb stud on it.
  • Assisted-opening knives - these are the EDC knives with spring. You just have to press the thumb stud with one hand to release the blade.

Many people prefer using the assisted-opening knives because it gives them quick and easy access.

Remember that there's no rule regarding what makes up the best EDC knife and if you're uncomfortable carrying around a knife, this is the best tactical pen we've ever found.

Materials and Build
Each item on your EDC kit should be made from high-quality materials. So be sure to pick an EDC knife that's made from high-grade materials like titanium, G-10, carbon fiber, micarta, and reinforced polymers for the handles. Knives with blade steels ranging from VG-10 to M390 are ideal as well. These types of steel are known for their incredible wear and tear resistance.

Your choice would be based on your preferences. That's why style is also a factor to consider when selecting an ECD gear.

Your style or how you dress can affect the knife you choose. For example, if you often wear slacks, your best choice could be an in-pocket knife. Also, if you are wearing tight pants or clothes frequently, then EDC knives with large blades aren't the right choice.

Always pick the knife that suits your taste. If you are uncomfortable holding or using a certain kind of knife, consider trying a different one. It's more likely that you'll have a hard time using the knife if it doesn't match your taste.

Check Local Laws About Knives
Just because the knife fits your preferences, it doesn't mean that you should buy it immediately. Some states require a concealed weapons permit to carry a fixed blade knife. So make sure to check the laws in your area regarding EDC knives before you buy one.

Each state has rules and regulations regarding EDC knives. Some of them regulate the length of the blade, while others are for the design and usage.

After checking the legality of your preferred knife, that's when you can buy and carry your EDC gear. Doing this doesn't only help you pick the right knife. It also relieves you from worrying about getting hassled by law enforcement.

Final Words
Picking the best EDC knife isn't easy unless you know what you are looking for. Remember the factors we discussed in this blog post so you can narrow down your choices.

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