Should you Include Handcuffs in your Everyday Carry Kit?

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One of the most important items that you can include in your everyday carry EDC kit is a good pair of high-quality and double locking handcuffs.

Handcuffs, everyone knows what they are and definitely doesn’t want to be in them. They’ve been used for over 100 years and are still used to this day, significantly changing throughout that time. 

Handcuff History

When handcuffs were first invented, there were many issues with their design that caused problems where detainees could escape easily and/or cut off circulation to their hands due to the cuffs being on too tightly.

A marvel then emerged: double locking handcuffs. This new innovation was a win for both officers and detainees (in terms of comfort). The double locking mechanism was more advanced than a single locking one and made picking it with a simple piece of metal more difficult.

person being freed from handcuffs


Handcuff Colors

Although it may seem like a trivial matter, choosing the color of your handcuffs is almost as important as choosing sturdy cuffs! A silver color is a poor choice, especially in night time.

Silver handcuffs reflect and draw attention to them due to their shininess. This can be an issue if you don’t want any attention drawn to you at night or even in the middle of the day. 

Matte black is the perfect color choice and goes along well with the Under Control Tactical shoulder holster. It doesn’t reflect light and is not shiny. With its dark color, little attention is drawn to it and it blends in well with surroundings. 


criminal in handcuffs


Should you include handcuffs in your everyday carry kit?

The short answer: Yes.  Most people could benefit from having a pair of handcuffs in their everyday carry kit

If you choose to own your own pair though, you’re going to want to make sure you have the highest quality available to you. We personally recommend choosing a pair that is made with all steel and coupling these with a tactical pen with LED Flashlight, Glass Breaker, and DNA Catcher.

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