What are the Essential Everyday Carry EDC Items You Need?

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Long ago, EDC or Everyday Carry was only a thing for survivalist and prepper communities. But as years passed, its popularity was continually rising. Many people are now familiar with the concept.

If you're the kind of person that needs to be prepared, for whatever might come your way, then you definitely need a well-thought out and dependable Everyday Carry Kit.  What are the essential EDC items to have in your kit? Let's find that out!

What is EDC?
EDC or everyday carry is a term for the essential items you usually keep wherever you're going. The kit contains various things, and it varies from person to person. The items could be related to your hobbies, occupation, and daily errands.

Though the items on an EDC kit depend on a person's preferences, they shouldn't be random. Your EDC kit should contain tools and personal items that will help you get out of a tough situation or save your life.

With that said, every item in your EDC kit should have a clear purpose. To give you an idea about it, here are the essential everyday carry items:

Common EDC Items
Every person's EDC is unique, so there are no such things as the best everyday carry products list. We will only give you an idea of what you should put in your EDC kit to increase its chance of being useful in different situations.

Here are the four most common items that you should include in your EDC kit:

  • Tactical Pen - You should always have a high-quality and multi-use tactical pen in your EDC Kit, which will not only allow you to have a pen to write with but also include a LED flashlight, glass breaker, and even a DNA Catcher for self defense.
  • Smartphone: These days, you shouldn't leave home without your smartphone. This device isn't only useful for TikTok and social media. It is an invaluable tool for various reasons-- it allows you to call for help, locate yourself, and it can even help you start a fire.
  • Wallet: Even though almost everything is digitized now, it's still important to carry a good old-fashioned wallet. It's one of the necessary everyday carry items because it serves as a filing cabinet for your identification forms or documents. You can also carry RFID-blocking wallets with built-in GPS tracking and near-bulletproof wallets crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum. They can better protect your valuable documents.
  • Watch: Your EDC kit should contain a traditional watch since it's more durable than a smartphone or smartwatch. It will function even in the most extreme conditions. Also, outdoor watches often come with a compass. Being able to track time and direction without interruption caused by low battery or service can increase your chance of survival.

Everyday Carry Essentials
Apart from the basic items, you should also add several everyday carry tools to your EDC kit. Doing this allows you to do more tasks.

The everyday carry tools you need depend on your daily life or everyday routine. Where do you frequently go once you leave the house? And what do you do when you get there?

Whatever you answer these questions are, these three pieces of everyday carry essentials will help you common routine situations:

  • Pocket knife: Whatever you do, you should always pack one pocket knife in your EDC. It's a multipurpose tool that's useful for ordinary tasks like the following:
    • Opening Packages
    • Cutting Threads or Rope
    • Food Prep
    • Emergency Tool
    • Self-Defense
The style of the blade depends on how and where you go about your day. If you can't decide, pick the versatile compact folding blade, or choose something unique like this cool 1911 folding gun knife.
Moreover, consider some factors when you're picking an EDC knife. Things like the price, steel, blade length, and deployment method should be up for consideration.
  • Multitool: It's one of the everyday carry items that you should never forget. This pocket-sized tool kit will assure you that you're always prepared. Unlike most items on this list, this one isn't limited to a specific function.
A basic multitool will likely contain a screwdriver, scissors, a bottle opener, and a folding blade. In case this isn't enough, you can also choose the advanced models. They include tools like pry bars, pliers, center-drive screwdrivers, and rulers.
  • Flashlight: Whenever you're in a situation where you need a bright light source, like an automotive emergency, or you're in the rain, a pocket flashlight is your go-to item.
Your smartphone already has a flashlight. However, a pocket flashlight is better. Most modern pocket flashlights are brighter, durable, and they last longer than smartphone flashlights.

Additional Everyday Carry Tools

If possible, also include double-locking rugged handcuffs, lighters, a pen, paper, sunglasses, and backup batteries in your EDC. These everyday carry items would come in handy, particularly for commuters who spend an hour or more on the subway or train.

Also, here are other everyday carry essentials that you could use:

  • Keychain
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Lockpicking set
  • Precision Screwdriver set
  • Two-Way Radio
  • Cash
Final Words
Those are the everyday carry items that you should have whenever you go out. However, keep in mind that there's no best EDC. Your kit should be based on your personality. Include only the everyday carry essentials that make sense for you.

When packing your EDC kit, follow only a single rule, and that's to pack what's useful to you on a daily or semi-daily basis. If you have more questions regarding your EDC kit, we're always here to help

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