Looking to Create Ballistics Gel? Find Out Here!

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Ballistics gel is something that not every survivalist uses but if you're one of the ones that does use it then you've come to the right place. We found this article with the easiest recipe on the internet for making your own.  We hope it helps!

From the article: 

First you’re going to need 3 basic things:

  1. A Mold – 4x3x8 inch pan. I got mine from Dollar Tree
  2. Gelatin – Knox Original Gelatine Unflavored. I got mine from Walmart.
  3. A Releasing Agent – Cooking Spray – I got mine from Smith’s

Second, follow these steps:

Stir 6 oz. of gelatin (12 packets) slowly, as to avoid air bubbles, into 4 1/2 cups HOT water. You can boil it, but hot from the tap will work. This is a 1 oz gelatin to 3/4 cups water ratio if you want to use a different size mold.

Place the mold into the fridge and allow to set overnight. When it’s done it’ll look like this:

Take a large pot, fill with water and turn it onto high. Place the pan into the water. For ease of removal, because the gel is mostly water and as a result will float level with the water in the pan, I rigged mine just above the surface with a couple butter knives. Just be careful whatever you do.

The mixture will turn to liquid. Once the entire thing is liquid again (check with a butter knife, not your finger), remove it from heat and place it back in the fridge overnight. Remove it the next morning, and it will look something like this:

Remove it from the pan and Voila! you have DIY Ballistics Gel:

Store in a cool place (like a fridge…) until you’re ready to use it.

Find more information here:

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