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Interested in Conceal Carry? Find Out How Here!

Carrying conceal is the ultimate in personal safety.  Knowing how to do it though is another matter.  In order to help you out we found this article.  We hope it helps!

From the article: 

Pete Buchwalter, a range master at Hoover Tactical Firearms, is carrying 17 concealed weapons in this photo. Here's what he's packing and where. See the video showing the location of each handgun below.


1. Back holster: .380-caliber handgun
2. Inside jacket pocket: .38-caliber handgun
3. Inside jacket pocket: .40-caliber handgun
4. Shoulder holster: .45 acp handgun
5. Shoulder holster: .45 acp handgun
6. Right hip holster: .40 caliber handgun
7. Right hip holster: 1911 .45-caliber handgun
8. Outside jacket pocket: .380-caliber handgun
9. Front pants pocket: .380-caliber handgun
10. Front pants pocket: .38-caliber handgun
11. Outside jacket pocket: .40-caliber handgun
12. Back pants pocket: .380-caliber handgun
13. Cargo pants pocket: 9 mm handgun
14. Cargo pants pocket: .38-caliber handgun
15. Back pants pock: 9 mm handgun
16. Ankle holster: .38-caliber handgun
17. Ankle holster: .380-caliber handgun

View the video here:

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