Know Important Tactical Hand Signals Every Prepper Should Know? Learn Them Here!

Survival is the name of the game.  Being a prepper you know that.  Now depending upon the situation that happens in the future it's important to be prepared for all situations.  Including communicating without talking.  In order to help you out we found this article with different hand signals. We hope it helps you feel more prepared!

From the article: 

Having a good understanding of tactical hand signals amongst your urban survival group will be a force multiplier when SHTF. Being able to communicate silently amongst each other will be critical to staying alive and taking out the enemy. Share this information with other members in your group and set a due date to have these tactical hand signals memorized. Once everyone in your group have these signals memorized it’s important that you go out and train/practice these until they’ve become internal/automatic. It will only require a few hours to memorize so you have no excuse to not study these, they could save a life one day. Add this to your list of urban survival skills you need to develop, you’ll be glad you did.
Learn the hand signals here: http://www.urbansurvivalnetwork.com/featured/tactical-hand-signals-every-prepper/

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