Do You Know What All You Can Do With Duct Tape? Find Out Here!

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Duct tape has many uses. This isn't something new. What you might not know is how to use it to survive. We hope this article helps you out! From the article:
Duct tape has gained almost a cult following due to its wide array of uses. Whether you wish to make a custom wallet or the most colourful dress at the party, duct tape does far more than secure and item. While it features many quirky and fun uses, duct tape has become the go-to item for survivalists throughout the world. Explore how this everyday item could potentially save your life if caught in an emergency situation.
Secure a Sprained Ankle Sprained ankles could potentially put you and your hiking group in serious danger, especially if you must escape a potentially dangerous situation. Secure a sprained ankle by wrapping it with duct tape. While not a permanent fix, the tape will secure the ankle enough to provide mobility.
Care for Blisters Whether on your feet or hands, blisters can not only make common movements painful, but if left exposed to the elements, it could become seriously infected. Place a layer of cotton gauze or bandages over the blister and secure with duct tape.
Create Watertight Boots Prevent water and/or dirt from entering your boots by wrapping the top of the boots with duct tape. Add an extra layer of protection by tightening the ends of your pants with duct tape. Tightly wrap duct tape around the ankle of your pants to prevent dirt, water or bugs from crawling up your legs.
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